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Press Release WBPCC

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WBPCC reconfirms it's stand on Darjeeling Issue

See the Press release of 12th August 2013

President's Message

Congress in Bengal has come a long way. The history demonstrates the resilience of the Party. It is rather a history of people of Bengal – not the history of power politics of Bengal. Today we are away from the seat of power for 36 long years – and we are still the versatile force with unending energy of Bengal – for Bengal and with Bengal.

Bongiyo Pradeshic (Provintial) Congress was established in 1888 – three years after the birth of Indian National Congress. On the other hand Trinamul Congress, the present ruling party of Bengal is an opportunistic off-shoot of Congress with a history of only one and a half decade. Whereas Congress has history and tradition in its side, TMC has political maneuvering and dictatorial operation on their side. Whereas Congress has continuity of democratic credence on its side, TMC has the unviable autocracy on their side. Whereas Congress loves people more than power, TMC cannot survive without power.

36 years is long time that we are away from the seat of power. We have suffered most during the long history of freedom struggle. We have suffered most during the "34 long years of misrule" of CPM regime. And we are still ready to sacrifice most to drive out the present autocratic, barbaric, and corrupt regime of Trinamul Congress.

Friends & Followers; struggle for new independence has started. Our forefathers, the great leaders, have brought freedom to our great nation. Now our oath to them and pledges to the people are: We will give blood to stop bloodshed in Bengal; We will oppose autocracy to establish true democracy; We will drive out the party hegemony from every corner of Bengal and replace it with peace and prosperity for everybody. Jaihind

President WBPCC appeals to all party functionaries to use and popularise the website and also to contribute regularly with information on party programmes.

See the appeal letter

Coming Programmes
Political Meetings

  • 01, September, 2013
    Know your rights: Workshop on RTI Act at Bidhan Bhawan, WBPCC Hd Quarter
  • 07, September, 2013
    State Level Workshop on Social Media, Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Salt Lake
  • 21 September, 2013
    Municipal Election of 12 Municipalities in 9 districts

এই কালী পুজো এবং দীপাবলি সকলকার জন্য আলোক ও আনন্দময় হোক - প্রদেশ কংগ্রেসের আন্তরিক প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা।


এ রাজ্যের বাতাসে বিষ বাষ্প ছড়িয়ে পড়েছে 24th October

"এ রাজ্যের বাতাসে বিষ বাষ্প ছড়িয়ে পড়েছে। পুলিশ প্রশাসন থেকে সরকারের অপদার্থতার জন্যই আজ রাজ্য জুড়ে দৈন্য, হতাশা ছড়িয়ে পড়েছে। চরম অনিশ্চয়তার পথে আমরা চলেছি। বাজার অগ্নিমূল্য, অপরাধীর বিচার হয় না। পুলিশ তৃনমূলের দলের হয়ে গিয়েছে, নিরপেক্ষতা বলে কিছু নেই। শিল্প-কারখানা মুখ থুবড়ে পড়েছে। বেকারের চাকরি নেই। চাষির ঘরে খাবার নেই। শিক্ষায় চরম নৈরাজ্য এবং সন্ত্রাসের বাতাবরণ তৈরি হয়েছে। নতুন কোনও শিল্প নেই।" শ্রী অধীর চৌধুরী

WBPCC Demands Investigation into TMC Complicity in Burdwan blasts

Led by PCC President Adhir Chowdhury, Congress workers from across Bengal gathered at Mandirtala, Howrah. They marched to the state secretariat Nabanna to present a memorandum demanding a thorough investigation into the blasts at Khagragarh, while at the same time protesting the communal fault lines sought to be created by the Trinamool and BJP via this incident.

While the district Police initially stopped the peaceful procession from proceeding to Nabanna to meet the Chief Secretary, Shri Chowdhury did not relent and refused to budge unless the delegation of 4 Congress MLAs were allowed to meet the state administration. Bowing to the will of the people, the delegation was finally escorted to the Home Secretary where the memorandum was delivered.

A woman voter was killed when bombs were hurled by miscreants as she was leaving a booth at Kajisha village in Beldanga area in Murshidabad district after casting her vote, police sources said.

নবান্ন অভিযান চলমান - 22nd October 3:00P.M.

অধীর চৌধুরীর ডাকে প্রচুর সংখ্যায় উপস্থিত হয়ে দুপুরে কংগ্রেস কর্মী হাওড়ার মন্দিরতলায়। অধীর বাবুর দাবি বর্ধমান বিস্ফোরণ কাণ্ডে তৃনমূল সরকারের ভূমিকার প্রতিবাদে স্মারকলিপি তুলে দেবেন স্বরাষ্ট্র সচিবের হাতে নবান্নে গিয়ে। সঙ্গে ৪ বিধায়ক, রাজ্য নেতৃত্য এবং কর্মীদের নিয়ে নবান্ন যেতে গেলে পুলিশ আটকে দেয়ে প্রদেশ সভাপতিকে।

আসুন কংগ্রেসের  সাথে যোগদান দিন এই গণতন্ত্র বিরোধী সরকারের বিরুদ্ধে।


নবান্ন চলুন, 22nd October

আজ দুপুর ১ বর্ধমান বিস্ফোরণ কাণ্ডে মমতা সরকারের ভূমিকার প্রতিবাদে নবান্ন অভিযান প্রদেশ কংগ্রেসের। মন্দিরতলা থেকে শুরু অভিযান।

Manifesto - 2014, 15th April 2014

Click here to see our Manifesto

YOUR VOICE – OUR PLEDGE, 26th March 2014
(Apka awaz – Hamara Sankalp)

Congress has released its election manifesto today, reaffirming its faith in welfare-based model of governance with economic reforms. Congress has promised new sets of "rights (adhikar)" in its manifesto for the Lok Sabha polls.

"Apka awaz – Hamara Sankalp" the slogan for the manifesto has the road map for the inclusive growth while ensuring more basic rights to common people.


Rahul Gandhi Election Meeting in West Bengal
on 25 March 2014

Rahul Gandhi Election Meeting in West Bengal on 25 March 2014, Tuesday
Alipurduar: 11 AM
Kolkata (Shahid Minar): 4 PM

রাহুল গান্ধীর নির্বাচনী সভা, ২৫ মার্চ ২০১৪, মঙ্গলবার
আলিপুরদুয়ারঃ সকাল ১১ টায়
কোলকাতা শহীদ মিনারঃ বিকেল ৪ টায়
সকলের একমত – কংগ্রেস ই ভবিষ্যৎ

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20th March, 2014

Rahul Gandhi says : "Without empowerment of women, India cannot reach its goal of ultimate development."
Congress brought Women Reservation Bill in the Parliament – which was not allowed to pass by the other political parties including Trinamul Congress party.
Defeat the double standard of Smt. Mamata Banerjee and vote for Congress. Only Congress


11th March, 2014

কংগ্রেস মানুষকে দিয়েছেঃ খাদ্যের অধিকার; কাজের অধিকার; শিক্ষার অধিকার; স্বাস্থের অধিকার; তথ্য জানার অধিকার; নিজ গৃহের অধিকার ...... । কংগ্রেস আম জনতাকে দিয়েছে মাথা উঁচু করে বাঁচার অধিকার। দেশ কে দিয়েছে দুর্নীতির বিরুদ্ধে লড়াই এর হাতিয়ার - লোকপালের অধিকার। দিকে দিকে কংগ্রেস প্রার্থীদের জয়ী করে কেন্দ্রে স্থায়ী সরকার কায়েম করুন – ভারত নির্মাণকে এগিয়ে নিয়ে চলুন।


Murder of Youth Congress Leader in Hoogly District.
13th February, 2014

Abhijit Rahman, President of Hoogly Loksabha Youth Congress Committee was beaten to death today in a horrific and barbaric manner by the local Trinamul Congress goons in open daylight at Mogra P.S., Hoogly, West Bengal.


10th February, 2014

Indian National Congress has appointed Shri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury as the President of West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee.

In a significant move before the ensuing Loksabha election, the appointment of Shri Chowdhury as the supremo of WBPCC will definitely enthuse the morale of the Congress workers in the State. An uncompromising fighter and an able mass leader Shri Chowdhury will lead from the front to acquire the rightful place of Congress in the State.

Bengal has already rusticated the CPM regime from power, and common people have become disgusted with the misrule and tyranny of Trinamul regime. Now Congress is the only viable alternative. Recent return of another mass leader Shri Somen Mitra to Congress and the event of Shri Adhir Chowdhury becoming the President of WBPCC - both the event will strengthen the Congress organization in the State and fulfill the aspirations of common people of Bengal.

Outgoing President Prof. Pradip Bhattacharya, MP, who has steered the Party with able hand during a very crucial period, has welcomed Shri Chowdhury and said "this change will stimulate the entire Congress organization in the State".

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It is a day of shame for West Bengal! 07 February, 2014

The notorious political horse trading has spread its far reaching tentacles in the State where such political malpractices never happened in the past.
Thanks to the insidious game plan of Trinamul Congress regime.

Today in the Rajya Sabha Election 2014 West Bengal legislative house has witnessed the unprecedented horse trading and political manipulations which have paved the way of victory of the fourth TMC candidate. Trinamul Congress may have won one extra seat, but in the process it has certainly polluted the political history of the State beyond redemption.

Indian politics has witnessed many such instances of horse trading in various states like Bihar, UP, Jharkhand or Orissa. But the political fraternity of Bengal carefully safeguarded itself from such virus. The West Bengal citizens used to feel pride in their high moral ground. Today TMC has successfully put the final nail in the coffin of the pride of Bengalis.

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27th January, 2014 Bengal TET Scam

Another unprecedented scam has broke out in West Bengal.

On 31st March 2013 people of Bengal were "April fooled" in advance by the Ma-Mati-Manus Government – as chaos prevailed on the primary teachers eligibility test (TET), with over 43 lakh examines struggling to reach the examination centers. While hundreds of candidates could not reach the centers – and problems were multiplied as several centers were changed at the eleventh hour. Over a dozen young examines were injured when travelling in overcrowded trains and buses. Education minister Bratya Basu said he will look in to the matter – his standard quip after any education related problem. But woes of examines continued.

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20 January, 2014

Congress Vice President, Shri Rahul Gandhi, met women representatives from all the corners of the country in Bhopal and sought their opinion and inputs for strengthening the cause of women folk in India.While interacting with them,
he said: "Women must be as empowered as men in every single household. We will not let go of the fight for women's cause and their rightful reservation".He said unless social, economic and political empowerment of women is achieved, and unless women are respected and secured, India cannot be a super power.

Ironically, his speech coincides with the gruesome rape of a working lady at Wattganj of Kolkata. The 1st woman Chief Minister of Bengal did not spent a word of concern about her.

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15 January, 2014

Today Trinamul Congress MP Shri Somen Mitra has tendered his resignation from Loksabha. He has decided to join Indian National Congress on 21 January, 2014. He said today: The present Trinmul government in West Bengal has become tyrannical & autocratic similar to Nazi regime of Hitler. Leaders of ruling party are openly preaching for violence and bloodshed. It cannot be continued in a democracy. Further he said: I am coming back to Congress to give whatever strength I have to re-build a better Bengal. All Congress workers across Bengal welcome the leader – to home where he belonged.

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18th December, 2013

In a meeting of the Congress Parliamentary Party, Smt. Sonia Gandhi said : While Election results are disappointing, we should not lose heart. There is another battle ahead of us in May 2014 for which we must ready ourselves. The Congress Party has won and lost many elections. In victory or defeat, we must remember that it is our solemn duty to serve the people to the best of our ability. Adversity always tests us and it is at such times that it is most important to reaffirm our unswerving allegiance to the principles of democracy, secularism, liberalism and inclusiveness. These are the abiding value of our Party.

Read full Speech

Muktir Padayatra Begins, 1st December, 2013

Protest walk of 13 days, covering 250 Km and 4 districts begins today at the historical Medinipur town. Congress demands: Mukti from State sponsored tyranny;

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A historic massive rally, 27 October, 2013

A historic massive rally was organized today at Baharampur to protest the state sponsored conspiracy launched against Shri Adhir Chowdhury, Murshidabad DCC President and Union MOS of Railway.



State Workshop on Social Media - 7 September, 2013

State Workshop on Social Media was organized by West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee at Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre - Bidhan Nagar. The presence of enthusiastic youth & the high turnout proved that West Bengal is ready to adopt and proceed with the futuristic vision of Congress.



Celebrated at every district Head Quarters in West Bengal
Highlighting achievements of UPA II Government & Food Security Bill


Panchayat Poll Violence - 1 AUGUST, 2013

Law less Bengal - Failure of Mamata Government

A woman voter was killed when bombs were hurled by miscreants as she was leaving a booth at Kajisha village in Beldanga area in Murshidabad district after casting her vote, police sources said.
Three Congress workers were killed ahead of Monday’s fourth phase of panchayat polls in four districts of West Bengal and at least 100 houses vandalised and looted in South 24-Parganas district on Sunday.



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Interview of Shri Rahul Gandhi

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Food Security Bill

খাদ্য সুরক্ষা বিল নিয়ে কিছু তথ্য
Report of the Expert Committee
Highlights of the Bill
Read the Bill

TheNational Land Accquisition &
Rehabilition & ResettelmentBill

খুচরো ব্যবসায় বিদেশি বিনিয়োগ:
কি ও কেন - পড়ুন ও জানুন

"Why F.D.I. in retail is required."
Booklet in English. Click Here.

FDI in Retail Notification


22nd May, 2013

UPA-II Report to the People

New Delhi : June 19, 2013

PM's aerial survey of Uttarakhand

Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, along with UPA Chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi carried out an aerial survey of the flood devastated Uttarakhand. While announcing a special support of Rs. 1000 crore  for disaster relief, he assures all help to bring back the normalcy. Describing the magnitude of losses as "unprecedented and huge tragedy", he pays sympathy and homage to those who have lost their lives.

Read the Statement

New Delhi : June 10, 2013

Speech of Hon'ble Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi
at the All Party Meet



Constitution of Indian National Congress

Meeting of Congress to protest unjustified police firing at Loba village, Dubrajpur in Bhirbhum district.

CBI probe demanded

A strong delegation lead by Prof. Pradip Bhattacharya, President WBPCC, and accompanied by Abdul Mannan, Dr. Maya Ghosh, Dr. Susovan Banerjee, Syed Siraj Jimmi and many others visited Suri hospital to see the wounded people of police firing on residents of Loba village. The Delegation also visited the policemen who were injured in the early morning clash.



Indira Bhavan at Bidhannagar – Seat-In demonstration in front of Indira Bhavan

State Government concedes Congress demand

In view of the wrong claim of the Minister of Urban Development Minister Mr. Firhad Hakim that the erstwhile Indira Bhavan was never named as “Indira Bhavan” officially – Janab Abdul Mannan, Chairman, Media Committee, WBPCC, while addressing a press meet, came out with the election commission document..........



Public Meeting of Congress at Singur - to address the plights of the farmers

In a huge public meeting of Singur farmers and local people, organized by Hoogly District Congress Committee, Congress urged for immediate amicable settlement of the land fiasco at the Tata project area – instead of long drawn court battle.


West Bengal Panchayet Elections to be held in 2013. Congress workers are requested to gearup the preperation & strengthen the organization.

We seek political information / organizational information and photographs from District / Town / Block Congress Committees and Frontal Organizations.

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