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Press Release WBPCC



President's Message

Indian National Congress was born in 1885. Several unforgettable Bengalis were instrumental in the formation of INC – amongst them Surendranath Banerjea was the chief architect for the 1st Congress conference held in Bambay and Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee was elected as the first President of Congress.

During its 126 years history Indian National Congress had been enriched with commendable participation of Bengali luminaries. Bongiyo Pradeshic (Provincial) Congress was formally constituted in the year 1888 – three years after the birth of Indian National Congress. In 1908 none other than Gurudev Rabindranath Thakur was elected as the President. I urge the young members of Congress to go through the list of Presidents of Bongiyo Pradeshic (Provincial) Congress – which later became today's West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee (WBPCC). It would be a learning experience in the course of history of Bengali renaissance.

Coming to the present era, Congress is in the opposition side of the State politics since 1978. During the major part of 34 year's rule of Left regime, Congress was the principal opposition party in Bengal. Congress has sacrificed most during the misrule and tyranny of leftist government and Congress has lost maximum number of supporters and workers in political killings during that period. No other party has suffered as Congress did.

It is a matter of rejoice that in 2011 the left front government has been thrown out of power by the people of Bengal. But at the same time it is also a matter of concern that still today Congress workers are the target of atrocities and political vendetta – not by the leftists only but also by the other political parties as well.

Congress believes in Gandhian philosophy – peaceful, secular, democratic principles for development, progress and self reliance. In the pan Indian perspective Congress is the only party which has provided stability to the governance and progress of the country. In this State if any other political party thinks that non-violent, gentle nature of Congress is a sign of weakness – then they are committed to a great mistake. Congress gets its strength from its steel like inner will and inherent value system of 126 years tradition. Threats, suppressions, or violence by the new generation political parties will never succeed against the deep rooted Congress movements in Bengal – because Congress is not a political party only – it's a concept to live peacefully. In today's Bengal "FUTURE IS CONGRESS".

President WBPCC appeals to all party functionaries to use and popularise the website and also to contribute regularly with information on party programmes.

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Assessment report of WBPCC on performence of 1 year of TMC Congress Alliance Government

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Coming Programmes
Political Meetings

  • 10th January 2013
    March to Writers in demand of AIIMS at Raigunj
  • 28th August 2012
    Celebration meeting of 59th Anniversary of Chatra Parishad at Mahajati Sadan.
  • 10th September 2012
    Sit-in demonstration by Human Rights Cell, WBPCC
    Metro Channel .
  • 12th September 2012
    Panchayat Raj "Sarbodoy" Sammelan WBPYC,
    at Nazrul Manch.
  • 29th September 2012
    Seminar on "FDI in multi-brand retail" - Maulali Yuva Kendra,
    3-00 PM
  • 1st October 2012
    Procession in favour of "FDI in Reatil" - Indira Gandhi Statue to Hazra Park. 2-00 PM.


10th January, 2013

Writers' Chalo Demonstration by Congress.

A congregation of more than 1 lakh people - Demand of AIIMS at Raigaunj has shaken the Trinamool Congress Government.

29th December, 2012

The scheduled mass meeting of WBPCC in support of FDI in retail has been altered into a meeting of condolence due to the sad demise of the Delhi rape victim.
Prof. Pradip Bhattacharya, President, expressing deep sorrow and anguish, said that such heinous crime should be obliterated from our society. He further said that her death will not go in vein as the whole country has taken a vow to eliminate such cancer from the society. Exemplary punishments to the perpetrators should be carried out to deter such barbaric act.

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21th November, 2012

"Haldia Cholo" by Pradesh Congress

On the call of Prof. Pradip Bhattacharya MP, President of WBPCC, a huge public meeting was organized at Haldia. Congress wanted to draw attention to the anti - industry policy of TMC government. In recent times the tyranny of TMC goons has destroyed the work culture of Haldia port – a life line of business in eastern India. TMC MPs and activists are only interested to loot the port instead of creating an environment of investment in the economy of Bengal. More than fifty thousands of Congress workers were gathered in the meeting to protest the TMC mis-rule and atrocities conducted by their leaders.

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16th November, 2012

Congress demands immediate impartial enquiry

Another police atrocity committed by Mamata Banerjee Government.

Trigger happy police opens fire on innocent people at Tehatta, Nadia. One more innocent life is lost.

Bengal enters an era of police cruelty & tyranny of TMC regime.

10th November, 2012

Meeting of Congress to protest unjustified police firing at Loba village, Dubrajpur in Bhirbhum district.

CBI probe demanded

A strong delegation lead by Prof. Pradip Bhattacharya, President WBPCC, and accompanied by Abdul Mannan, Dr. Maya Ghosh, Dr. Susovan Banerjee, Syed Siraj Jimmi and many others visited Suri hospital to see the wounded people of police firing on residents of Loba village. The Delegation also visited the policemen who were injured in the early morning clash.

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11th October, 2012

WBPCC releases a booklet in Bengali on "FDI in Retail - a step in the interest of the people".

The booklet explains in simple language the reasons and implications of FDI in retail. Several political parties – including TMC, BJP and CPM are trying to mislead people with misinformation and politically motivated publicity.

To know the subject please read the booklet.

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22nd September, 2012

It is a sad day in the history of Bengal. After 34 years of misrule of CPM, Congress-TMC alliance forced Left regime out of power. People of Bengal wanted the alliance to rule the state for next 5 years at least - to improve the standard of life.

Instead TMC wanted to rule India with 19 MPs and took destiny of Bengal as a stake. And as a pure opportunist party – TMC ditched the partner midway. It was a politics of misadventure.

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17th September, 2012

"Congress condemns the unethical Bandh called by opportunistic, combined forces of BJP and CPM. Facts reveals the double standards and political bankruptcy."

See the press release of WBPCC

12th September, 2012

Union Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal addressed the media at Kolkata at the Congress head quarter 'Bidhan Bhavan' - on the subject of CAG Report on Coal and BJP's unholi agenda to paralyze the parliament.
He said "BJP has taken the nation and its parliamentary democratic system at ransom to further their selfish party interest. They have avoided the debate on the CAG report only because they knew that a debate will reveal the fact that it was BJP who actually did not want competitive bidding in coal block allocations."

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খুচরো ব্যবসায় বিদেশি বিনিয়োগ:
কি ও কেন - পড়ুন ও জানুন

"Why F.D.I. in retail is required."
Booklet in English. Click Here.

FDI in Retail Notification


AICC Press Releases - Coal Blocks and CAG Report:

Read the letters of BJP Chief Ministers to understand the double standards of BJP.

BJP avoids debate in the parliament – to suppress own records.

BJP takes the nation as ransom.

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New Delhi : 15 December 2012

PM's address to the Nation

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday, 15th December 2012 hit out at opponents, saying they are "ignorant" about global realities or are constrained by "outdated ideologies" in opposing the new economic reforms of UPA II government, including 51% FDI in multibrand retail". His incisive statement came just after the emphatic victory of UPA II government over the issue of FDI in retail in Parliament,

New Delhi : 18 December 2012

Sonia Gandhi had expressed her deep resentment and anguish on the Delhi rape case. She has urged the govt. to take all necessary actions to book the culprits for exemplary punishment.
She further insisted to upgrade the law & order controls, not only in Delhi but also throughout India, to prevent such atrocities against women.

See the statement.


Constitution of Indian National Congress

Singur Land Issue

Only charity cannot restore self-respect of the farmers. Court battle cannot provide actual relief to the poorest of poor. Political lectures cannot remove the pain and tears.

Congress insists on amicable solution to all farmers and labourers – whether 'willing' or 'unwilling' – without looking at the colour of the people.

Congress urges the State Government to initiate comprehensive solution package – instead of long drawn court battle. Most importantly the issue should not be used as a political tool at the expenses of poor farmers.

Indira Bhavan at Bidhannagar – Seat-In demonstration in front of Indira Bhavan

State Government concedes Congress demand

In view of the wrong claim of the Minister of Urban Development Minister Mr. Firhad Hakim that the erstwhile Indira Bhavan was never named as “Indira Bhavan” officially – Janab Abdul Mannan, Chairman, Media Committee, WBPCC, while addressing a press meet, came out with the election commission document..........

State wise agitation by the Indian National Congress workers against the proposed
re-naming of Indira Bhawan at Salt Lake.

WBPCC President Prof. Pradip Bhattacharya writes to the Chief Minister, protesting
against the State decision to rename
Indira Bhawan at Salt Lake
(Click to see the letter)

Public Meeting of Congress at Singur - to address the plights of the farmers

In a huge public meeting of Singur farmers and local people, organized by Hoogly District Congress Committee, Congress urged for immediate amicable settlement of the land fiasco at the Tata project area – instead of long drawn court battle.

Youth Congress Silent Rally on 18th November 2011 to protest against attacks on Congress workers

22-01-2012 Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said in Murshidabad "Frequent attacks on teachers are regrettable and State Administration should take strong measures to stop such anarchy"

West Bengal Panchayet Elections to be held in 2013. Congress workers are requested to gearup the preperation & strengthen the organization.

We seek political information / organizational information and photographs from District / Town / Block Congress Committees and Frontal Organizations.

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