Shri Soumen Mitra

Shri Somendra Nath Mitra

Shri Somendra Nath Mitra is one of the most renowned and senior Politician of West Bengal who has assumed the chair of the President of West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee for the third time on 21st September 2018. He is the most accepted leader and organizer in Indian National Congress who has been elected seven times as Member of West Bengal Legislative Assembly ( 1972, 1982, 1987 , 1991 ,1996 , 2001 , 2006 ).

From the desk of the President
Indian National Congress is the emotion I am living for and the reason for which I can die upon. It’s been almost six decades together now, but I am still not exhausted. When I breathe, I breathe Congress, when I bleed, I bleed Congress. Congress is not just a political party, it’s neither about the legacy we share, It’s all about accompanying a prolonged journey of a truly democratic nation. This is the Country where a Prime Minister (by religion Hindu) takes oath under a President (by religion Muslim) proposed by a Lady (by religion Catholic) who left her own country and sacrificed her own dreams in sake of this Nation. This is how Indian National Congress instantiated the actual evaluation of the democracy. This is the reason why this Party has been elected most of the times by the people of India after independence. Abiding the fundamental rights of the constitution, Congress has always remained open to healthy criticism and comparisons. I think, where there is a difference of opinion, there is an opportunity to learn and where there is an opportunity to learn, there is an opportunity to progress for a better tomorrow. I genuinely believe that a ‘QUESTION’ is the journey of knowledge from ‘Confusion’ to ‘Conclusion’ if it is asked in a true spirit. Embarrassment of not being equivocal is better than nourishing inefficiency at any level. The disagreement may come from any political or apolitical platform or from our own fellow co-functionaries; WBPCC will always remain sincere and proactive on it. Human beings are blessed with a clear sense of making decisions. But unfortunately they don’t accept and exercise things unless and until it is widely accepted and supported by their surroundings, even if it’s causing delay in their way of progress. That’s why a political ideology and outer force is inevitable to reintroduce them with their own rights and social morality. Unfortunately both the Central & State Government are taking advantages of this. Democratic structure is now seems to be replaced by monarchy and feudalism. The evil forces behind both the Governments are non identical twins of corruption who are actually identical in violating Constitution, crucifying democracy and paralyzing economy. They have even closed the last avenue of self-evaluation by dishonoring the opposition and critics. They want Houses without Opposition. In greed of power both the governments are rushing towards a state where the entire democratic structure will be replaced by the two major religion who are likely to look for an excuse to go against each other at any moment. By such polarization actually they are provoking the civil war which a civilized society can’t afford at any perspective.

Controlling the seventh largest country in the World with a population of almost 1,330,000,000 and a geographical extent of 3,287,263 SqKm. approx, which has different languages, religions, cultures, foods, outfits and sentiments, is not a jugglers game. It can only be understood and managed through deep sense of patriotism and belief in democratic structure and Constitution. Indian National Congress is the only major force which believes in the essence of democracy- ‘Unity in Diversity’. ‘Be with Congress for a better India’ is the only appeal from the desk of the President, West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee.